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Why should you choose BitCola?

1. Security

BitCola adopts an enterprise-level mature framework and USES multiple signatures, heat and cold storage and other technologies to ensure the safety of users' funds. Every transaction can be traced back. The risk control system automatically monitors abnormal transaction behaviors and controls account security. We will also conduct regular security audits of the system.

2. Extensible trading platform

BitCola has good scalability, fault tolerance and high concurrency in the underlying architecture.At the same time, the system can be upgraded and expanded according to the number of users, providing users with safe, stable and efficient trading services.

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3. Community-based trading platform

Bitcoin is committed to creating a cryptocurrency trading platform with a new economic model based on the community. It is our aim to provide users with good service and user experience. Bitcoal will strengthen its connection and interaction with the community through strategic cooperation, etc., and jointly promote the layout and promotion of Bitcole worldwide to realize the community and internationalization of the trading platform.

4. Multiple terminals

Our website supports mobile devices such as mobile phones. You can directly access our website through your browser on your mobile phone. We also provide IOS APP and Android APP. In the future, we will gradually provide Mac version, Window version application.

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