The Cola Token

Create a better BitCola eco community Provide more benefits to users Better service

Cola Token is the proof of rights and interests of the BitCola trading platform. Cola Token is the only proof that members of the community have for exercising their rights, enjoying their benefits, and contributing to the decision making process in the BitCola community.

Receive regular dividends from the BitCola trading fees by holding Cola Tokens.
Community usage
Cola Token will be used within the community for trading and payments for BitCola micro services.
Global node
Holding a certain amount of tokens enables users to become a global super node.
Repurchase plan
Cola Token will be steadily repurchased by the platform over a designated time period.
Community rewards
Tokens will be used in community competitions and rewards for ourstanding contributors.
Distribution of tokens

Total sales: 200 million COLA TOKEN

Total supply: 500 million COLA TOKEN

  • 30%
    Community building
  • 25%
  • 20%
    Founding Team
  • 15%
    Community airdrop
  • 15%

Preliminary Roadmap

We are working hard to create a better BitCola.


    JUNE, 2018

    The team was formally established and determined the organizational structure and future direction of BitCola products.
  • Get Angel Wheel Investment

    SEPTEMBER, 2018

    Complete the prototype of the BitCola APP and get millions of angel investments.

    OCTOBER, 2018

    Publish the website and complete the BitCola APP Alpha version

    OCTOBER, 2018

    Open trading, release Android APP Beta version.

    FEBRUARY, 2019

    Release new deal matching engine.

    MARCH, 2019

    Release BitCola Launchpad and iOS APP Beta version

    OCTOBER, 2018

    Started building the BitCola community and began to promote it globally.

Want to know more about Cola Token?

Find the details in our APP.


How can we help you?

The BITCOLA APP has built-in community and chat features, and we will make full use of Cola Token to promote community development. Regular community dividends will also be given to members of the community holding Cola Token.

The total supply of Cola Token is 500 million, and is capped. Of which 30% of the total supply will be used for community building, the circulating amount of Cola Token will be increased as the community grows.

Cola Token will adopt EOS smart contract certificate, we will open up after the platform is stable and operate.

After trading officially starts on BitCola, we need one week to test the network. After that we will start Cola Token trading pairs.

BitCola is the very first true community based crypto exchange, with community and chatting functions built right inside. Besides trading crypto, community building is also our top priority. Please refer to the white paper for more information.

BitCola's team members come from different cryptocurrency communities and are also located all over the world. In the process of development, we will also recruit more talents globally.

BitCola is not only a crypto exchange, but also a social media platform. Where users can share their trading experience with friends anytime, anywhere. Quality original content will be awarded. We also plan on creative events to help the community grow.